Five questions to Bob Renders – Marketing & Sales executive at BigMile

Bob Renders (30)

Joined BigMile in July 2022

What do you do at BigMile?

‘As a marketing & sales executive I am the first point of contact every new lead gets in touch with. The leads come from different sources, including real-life events, webinars, and whitepaper downloads. Most of the time I try to get them on the phone to find out what kind of logistics sustainability challenges they have. I relate these challenges to our offering and explain how they can profit from using our software solution. By making sure BigMile sticks on their radar, I am adding value to the sales process of BigMile.’

What do you like about your work at BigMile?

‘I am very concerned about nature and committed to a greener economy. When a BigMile employee told me what BigMile was doing, I felt that I wanted to work there to make my contribution to a more sustainable world. What I really like is the team spirit at BigMile. The atmosphere is warm and informal. Every Monday I look forward to starting my work week. That’s a feeling that I haven’t always had.’

How often do you go to the office and what is the first thing you do when you get there?

‘From all the co-workers I live the closest to the office. That is probably why I am the one who is most often there, about three or four times a week. That not only reduces my household footprint but I also like to be at the office. I usually travel by bike. I love to clear my head before the start of the day at the office, where usually the first thing I do is get coffee. I really don’t like having headwinds and I hate rain even more. I will face the headwind, but when it rains, I take the bus or stay at home.’

If you had to teach someone else something, what would it be?

‘I feel I am pretty good at painting walls. I recently did some of my walls at home and they turned out pretty well. With BigMile, we just moved into a new office and my hands are itching to paint those blue walls into BigMile yellow. The secret is to cover the edges with sufficient tape, so you can roll smoothly. I feel it is a calming and soothing activity. I would recommend every working person to paint one day a week if it weren’t so polluting.’

What superpower would you like to have?

‘It has already been mentioned by several of my co-workers, but I would choose the superpower of teleportation. Except for one difference, I would wish for the entire BigMile team to be able to do that. I believe it would offer a great perk for employees to work at BigMile and people would come to the office more often. Other benefits are that you could buy a cheaper house, further away from the office, because I don’t know anyone who can afford to buy a house in the city of Utrecht. And it would be so much easier to visit family or get a coffee at a friend’s house.’

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