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Finding ways to reduce carbon emissions

We help you on your way to general European emission goals (55% reduction) and get you ready for 2050 (Europe 100% emission-free). The solutions of BigMile make it easy for you to get started on calculating and improving your CO2 emissions. Our platform gives you a clear view on which steps can be taken to save costs ánd reduce your CO2 emissions. Not only within your own organization, but also within the cooperation partners you may have.

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In good company

Over 200 companies are using BigMile. It helps them to not only reduce CO2 emissions, but also save in costs.



For all supply chain logistics companies

Most companies are dependent on partnerships within the supply chain to answer more detailed questions about their CO2 emissions. Information from the entire supply chain is important in creating a total view of the emissions. With that in mind we, at BigMile, incorporate all forms of modalities. From rail to ship, from gasoline to electricity. Interested? Feel free to contact us.



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