The Dutch Ministry of Finance and Djinny Logistics work with BigMile to make city hubs viable

Making your logistic smart and sustainable is crucial when it comes to deliveries in the city. BigMile is working with the Dutch Ministry of Finance and Djinny Logistics to make this a reality. With a growing rise in zero-emission zones it is crucial to making your emissions visible. And BigMile is the perfect tool to do so. 

Data visualisation helps to make conversations with logistic partners efficiently and fun. Jaap Kooistra (Djinny Logistics) tells us about the implementation of a urban logistics formula, which he is the manager of. Together with the Dutch Ministry of Finance they worked on gaining insights of a logistic hub in The Hague, The Netherlands. With the help of BigMile, they were able to spot inefficient transport quickly.  

Analysing inefficient transport 

There will be more tenders created that help gain insights about the emission levels that other services have. So we can get an overall picture of what we, as a national government, are currently doing.– Peter van Boven (Dutch Ministry of Finance in the category Logistics) adds. The Dutch Ministry of Finance is responsible for the broad governmental purchasing of everything related to logistics. The data they needed to gain these insights was readily available. They needed to add it to the BigMile dashboard to be able to analyse it. By seeing which transport is inefficient, they were able to have a constructive conversation with the supplier.  

This is where Djinny steps in. As soon as the tender started, they put their data into the BigMile platform. With that visualization they had the chance to experiment for a while. To understand what is there, what is useful to work with and what needs to be done. “Naturally, because of last year with corona, the volume that we bring tot the city was lagged behind.” – Kooistra says. But it turned out to be a perfect learning period and they are gradually building up from that.  

BigMile offers us the tools and resources to do so.

Starting a sustainable conversation 

Using BigMile gives Djinny a clear view on how many addresses are already being taken car of by them and how many shipment there are at the moment. They are able to see the kilos that are actually taking to the hub and how many kilometres are involved. Data that will internally be used  for informing the contracting authority.  

But is is also part of the communication with participants. “To get the concept in their DNA, so the conversation goes beyond the specified facility stream.” -Kooistra adds. By consolidating to emission-free transport you can show the effect it has. “It puts suppliers in a certain position where they can also make it beneficial for them.” It is all a matter of understanding, from all sides of the supply chain. Supplier and recipient. Most suppliers tell Kooistra that they practice next-day-delivery. He questions that maybe next day delivery isn’t a necessity. An option might be to put a certain bulk stock at the hub. These are all conversations they have to make sure the participants continue to deliver as efficient and sustainable as possible. 

Expanding is the next step. “Six new tenders are on the way, ranging from moving services, disposal, collecting, information carriers, courier services and transport services.” -Van Boven tells us. They are planning to visualise their data the same way they did with the city hub in The Hague. “And BigMile offers us the tools and resources to do so.” We are happy to help create insights for the Dutch Ministry and are looking forward to their plans in creating more hubs that focus on effectiveness and sustainability. 

Watch the entire video interview about this partnership here:

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