BigMile Emission API

Embed carbon emission calculations in third party applications

Power your solutions and software with automated CO2 calculations

IT-companies that want to leverage their technology can integrate BigMile in their software solutions to provide their customers insight into their transport-related carbon footprint and discover where the waste is in the transport chain.

Integrate reliable emission calculation

By using BigMile Emission API, your system can instantly provide CO2e emissions for every single shipment in the operational order flow. Our Emission API supports all main methodologies, factors, and frameworks for calculating transport-related carbon footprint (EN-16258, GLEC). BigMile calculations are in line with EU regulations and (new) ISO standards.

When you don’t have the BigMile Emission API:

Reducing your transport-related carbon footprint starts with assessing your current situation. Keeping track and calculating your carbon emissions worldwide can be really complicated when you have large sets of data. That is why BigMile has developed an API for integration with other software solutions.


BigMile Emission API is a lean REST API that enriches business applications and platforms with resilient CO2 calculation to measure and report accurate and trusted values.

BigMile has already been integrated into a range of Transport Management Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems and financial applications.

BigMile Emission API offers:

Automated CO2 calculations

Allocation of emissions to shipments in an accountable way

Actual CO2e, calculated after realization of the transport/token to measure traffic and user behavior


Use CO2e calculation output:

With BigMile Emission API you can calculate CO2e emissions for every single shipment in the operational order flow. The outcomes can easily be used for different purposes.

It also enables developers to create new sustainability related use cases like emission-based trip optimization, consideration of CO2 pricing in transport offers, or together with telematics data (fuel consumption) a high accurate reporting on shipment level.

Also interested in gaining insights into your transport-related carbon footprint and discovering where the waste is in the transport chain?

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