We are BigMile, because every mile with a small footprint is a big mile.


We feel responsible to create a better world for our future generations. That’s why our software is developed to gain futureproof insights into the carbon footprint of transportation. Our ambition is to make carbon accounting accessible for every organization and help them make their supply chains more sustainable. We aim to do better every mile along the way.


BigMile is the standard platform for transport-related carbon footprint optimization. Our responsibility is to create reliable software with the goal of understanding our clients’ needs and of being futureproof, so that they can optimize their supply chains on their way to choosing green. When the rules of the game change, we improve our methods. We are willing to go the extra mile.


If you want to go far, go together. That is why we believe in building long-lasting relationships. Together with a team of highly motivated professionals, suppliers and business partners, we make sure that we put our effort into the developing the best product by a mile.


Our goals are challenging, and we encourage people to push themselves and think outside the box. We support their growth and take pride in the progress we make. By taking small steps every day, we make big changes. We make every mile worthwhile.


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