BigMile European Lean & Green Partners

BigMile partners with several industry associations and logistics authorities that implement the Lean & Green program in Europe. Lean & Green is a leading business community in Europe for which sustainable logistics is a primary goal. Lean & Green was established in 2008 in the Netherlands and adopted in 14 European countries.


GS1 Austria

GS1 Austria has represented Lean & Green in Austria since September 2019. Within the framework of Logistikverbund-Mehrweg, the task is to motivate companies to actively participate in the initiative in the spirit of ecological sustainability and to provide the necessary to implement the concept.


VIL Belgium

VIL aims to enhance the competitiveness of Flemish companies in the logistics sector by implementing sustainable and innovative concepts and technologies. VIL represents more than 600 companies and works along leading strategic partners and a network at home and abroad.


GS1 Germany

GS1 aims to make your business more efficient. With standards, processes along the value chain are automated and simplified. GS1 Germany is part of the international network Global Standards One. There are GS1 member organizations in more than 110 countries that are working on the development of globally applicable standards.


GS1 Ireland

Many Irish businesses want to reduce their CO2 emissions and be leaders in sustainable business. Lean & Green Europe has a proven track record of enabling collaboration in logistics and guiding its member organisations towards a less wasteful and a more sustainable future.  With our trade, logistics and data management experience, GS1 Ireland is proud to offer this leading European sustainability program.



Lean & Green is the leading CO2 reduction program in which both shippers and logistic service providers can participate. It originated and is further developed in The Netherlands where 250 companies participate in the program. Lean & Green aims to help participants continuously improve their logistic operation of the supply chains and, by doing so, reducing CO2 emissions. 


ECR Polska

ECR Polska is an effective and efficient non-profit organization, actively supporting better cooperation of supply chain participants, aimed at increasing efficiency – by providing knowledge, support and an active platform for the exchange of experiences in this field.


GS1 Portugal

GS1 Portugal has more than 9000 associated companies, from micro, small and medium-sized companies to multinationals. GS1 Portugal collaborates with different sectors of activity and with public bodies, academia and regulators, because it believes that efficiency, safety and innovation are created together.

Czech Republic

Czech & Slovak initiative ECR

Czech-Slovak ECR Initiative is a common initiative of producers, members of suppliers chains and logistic companies. The ECR platform enables the exchange of experience and cooperation in the search for joint solutions.

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