Climate change and carbon emissions

There is a growing need for companies to start calculating the CO2-emissions of their transport and being able to allocate it to their customers and shipments. A need that makes it possible to monitor where you stand on reducing your CO2 emissions and helps you keep track of the sustainable development goals. BigMile reinforces your own sustainable goals. Our platform makes it easier for you to prove the achievement of your company. We make it a lot easier for you to measure and stay aware of you and your partner’s CO2 performances.

Measures to reduce carbon footprint

The BigMile solution partly originated from the Lean & Green CO2 reduction program. When taking sustainable steps within your organization, you naturally want to communicate what has been done to reduce your carbon footprint. There must have been an easier way in sharing the improvements and visualising results. This is how BigMile was born! The platform helps visualise the developments and progress that has been made. The reporting options gives you the right means to implement a fitting strategy.

Using BigMile: about data sharing

Collecting and combining data is an important part of optimizing your transport. We therefore offer a secure platform and also ensure that you are always in lead when it comes to who can access your data and with who you share your data. Visit our FAQs for more answers about using BigMile.

Who we are

Sven Poot of BigMile
Sven Poot
Business Development Consultant
Glenn Taylor van BigMile
Glenn Taylor
Head of Technology
Jan Pronk
Managing Director BigMile Benelux & ROW
Jack Pool
Bas Wolff van BigMile
Bas Wolff
Customer Support
Inna Kerzinger
Sales Development Manager BigMile Germany
Johan Roelofsen of BigMile
Johan Roelofsen
Backend Lead
Tobias Häßler of BigMile Germany
Tobias Häßler
Managing Director BigMile Germany
Marieke Lenstra
Global Marketing Manager
Marlous Kottenhagen
Data Engineer
Frank Bloo
Tech Lead
Michael Klaassen
Lead Front-end, BI Specialist
Christiana Hunecke
Customer Success Manager BigMile Germany GmbH

Board members

Vincent Kobesen
Board member
Nico Anten
Board member

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Working at Saas solution BigMile

Working at BigMile?

At BigMile we provide logistic companies insight into their CO2 footprint and the potential reduction they can make. Our team is constantly working on new and innovative solutions to help companies achieve their sustainable goals. Would you like to contribute to our mission? Join BigMile!