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Yellowstar integrates BigMile for calculation of carbon emissions

Yellowstar, provider of software for real-time insight and control of logistics and supply chain, announces that it will integrate BigMile for calculating transport-related CO2 emissions. ‘With BigMile, automated CO2 calculations for companies will become readily available in our applications,’ says John Kaijen, Chief Product Officer at Yellowstar.

At Yellowstar, supply chain collaboration is central to all software solutions. Yellowstar will now offer BigMile as an add-on to two existing solutions. This will give customers insight into their transport emissions and enable them to provide their customers with this information. This is an important step in helping companies to achieve their goals for sustainable operations,” says John Kaijen, who has been working on the topic of sustainability at Yellowstar since 2013.

Firstly, BigMile Emission API will be integrated with the transport management system Star Flow Intermodal, which is aimed at intermodal transport (road, water, rail). Kaijen: ‘Thanks to the integration with BigMile, we can now calculate the CO2 emissions for all routes a container takes and trace them back to a customer order for the logistics service providers. Providing insights into carbon emissions is more often a condition for doing business.’

In addition, BigMile Emission API is integrated with Star Flow Supply Chain, a control tower solution for real-time control of supply chains from supplier to buyer. For example, a well-known retailer uses this system to gain insight and, if necessary, to be able to adjust the transport of items it has produced in the Far East.

Thanks to the integration with BigMile, we can now calculate the CO2 emissions for each purchase order at item level and show them in our application. It is then possible to trace back the emissions to the item level,’ explains Kaijen. This means that this CO2 footprint is also directly available for printing on a quotation or an invoice, or even on the shelf labels in the stores.

Jan Pronk, managing director Benelux at BigMile, is very happy with the collaboration. ‘Given the approaching reporting obligation for CO2 and the upcoming taxes on CO2, the importance of a standard CO2 calculation platform to which all stakeholders in the supply chain are connected is heavily increasing. The collaboration with Yellowstar contributes greatly to this. Thanks to Yellowstar, a lot of companies will suddenly have low-threshold access to CO2 calculations,’ says Pronk.

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