Moonen Packaging chooses DeliveryMatch and BigMile

BigMile, supplier of software for calculating and analyzing transport-related CO2 emissions, announces that Moonen Packaging has chosen DeliveryMatch and BigMile. ‘We now have one portal to which all of our carriers are connected and which gives us insights into our transport-related CO2 emissions,’ says Roland van Bussel of Moonen Packaging.

Sustainability has been a major driving force in all Moonen Packaging’s activities for years. The sustainable packaging specialist not only looks at the ecological footprint of its own operations but aims to reduce carbon emissions throughout the chain. ‘Our goal is not only to be the leader in sustainable packaging solutions in Europe, but also to operate at least downstream in the supply chain in a carbon neutral way by the end of 2026. Sustainable logistics plays an important role in this,’ states Roland van Bussel, Operations Director at Moonen Packaging.

At Moonen Packaging, transport is diversified to different logistics service providers, each with their own specialism. ‘Visibility is becoming increasingly important to provide insight into CO2 emissions and influence the supply chain partners both downstream and upstream. What we ultimately want is for our customers to be able to weigh up their deliveries based not only on costs and delivery time, but also on CO2 emissions,’ says Van Bussel.

Strategic, tactical, and operational level

The collaboration with BigMile and DeliveryMatch contributes to more sustainable logistics in several ways. ‘With the DeliveryMatch supply chain platform and the link with BigMile we can calculate the CO2 emissions for each transport stream down to shipment level. The amount of CO2 emissions per shipment is then printed on the packing slip,’ explains Van Bussel.

On a strategic level, Moonen Packaging can see the bigger picture through the analytics tool. ‘In our own portal we can look at all the carriers and gain insights into the carbon footprint of our total transport. We can see, for example, whether it is more economical to bundle a shipment and/or to move it to a specific day. Our sales people then use this information to continuously motivate our customers to order more consciously.’

Roland Slegers of DeliveryMatch adds: ‘The data from DeliveryMatch forms the basis for the CO2 emission calculation by BigMile. The unique combination of data traffic and control with the DeliveryMatch platform provides Moonen Packaging with insight into CO2 emissions. The beauty of this is that CO2 emission reduction often goes hand in hand with cost savings. After all, by monitoring and controlling the chain, the operation is carried out first time right, thus directly saving both CO2 emissions and logistics costs. In addition, the use of the logistics chain during off-peak moments – warehousing and transport – can be managed, which also contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Choice for DeliveryMatch and BigMile

Van Bussel says about the choice of BigMile and DeliveryMatch: ‘We were already familiar with BigMile from the Lean & Green program, where we have obtained the third star and belong to the leader group for the fourth star. In BigMile many types of analyses and reports can be made. When we heard that DeliveryMatch was going to integrate with it, the choice was quickly made.’

Versatile solution

According to Jan Pronk, managing director Benelux of BigMile, the collaboration is a great example of how Moonen Packaging as an end user is enabled to reduce its carbon footprint on a strategic, tactical, and operational level. Pronk: ‘Thanks to interactive analysis tool BigMile Carbon Analytics, Moonen Packaging can periodically analyse and adjust its transport chain. In addition, with the Order, Transport and Shipping Management System (OTSMS) from DeliveryMatch Moonen Packaging has a central source system where all transport-related CO2 data is registered.’

By integrating the BigMile Emission API, CO2 emissions are automatically calculated for all shipments at the operational level. This applies to both inbound and outbound transport flows. ‘An additional advantage is that the CO2 information can also be processed on freight documents or invoices, for example. Something that will become part of the total order flow in logistics in the future. In this way the versatility of the BigMile SaaS platform is maximized’, says Pronk.

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