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Checklist Transportation Carbon Footprint

Today, the transportation sector accounts for roughly 22 percent of total energy-related emissions which, depending on the source, makes up 14 to 16 percent of global emissions. Nevertheless, in many companies a carbon dioxide policy is currently mainly a boardroom topic and hardly a part of day-to-day business operations and specific objectives in this area are not yet formalized.

With the Carbon Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) accepted by the European Parliament, carbon accounting is another step closer to daily business. Already in 2025 over 50.000 companies in Europe will need to start reporting on their carbon emissions, including ‘Scope 3’ outsourced ‘transport of goods’. This will have an enormous effect on (carbon) data flows throughout the supply chain. To comply with the CSRD, your customer or supplier may ask about the CO2 emissions per delivery or the emissions of your total organization, for example.

Carbon disclosure

Sustainability is increasingly becoming non-negotiable in the business-to-business environment. Improving standardization and public disclosure is urgently required and making it essential for all major companies and their supply chain partners – even non-listed ones – to comply.


It all starts with visibility. Do you already have real-time visibility of your carbon emissions per shipment, per client, per logistics service provider or per region? Can you monitor progress in achieving sustainability goals? Are you already optimizing your process?

Supply Chain Movement and BigMile have developed this checklist for shippers and logistics service providers. Use this checklist to determine which steps you still need to take to optimize your transportation carbon dioxide footprint.

>>Click here to download it on the website of Supply Chain Movement

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