BigMile Carbon Analytics

Calculate and analyze transport-related emissions

Where is the waste in the transport chain

Get insight into your transport-related carbon footprint and discover where the waste is in the transport chain. Make deeper analyses about specific shipments, customers, subcontractors, periods and/or regions. Identify the focus areas in carbon emissions and take measures accordingly. Be accountable and report back to your stakeholders.

For who

Shippers, logistics service providers, field service companies who want to calculate scenarios. For companies with a regional or urban coverage area as well as for globally operating multinationals that use different modes of transport.

When you don’t have BigMile Carbon Analytics:

Reducing your transport-related carbon footprint starts with analyzing your current situation. Keeping track and calculating your carbon emissions worldwide would be really complicated to do in the world’s most used database and popular spreadsheet tool, Excel. 


BigMile Carbon Analytics makes it supereasy to calculate and analyze your multimodal transport-related CO2 emissions. Based on your logistics profile and available data BigMile Carbon Analytics provides you accountable data about your emissions.

BigMile Carbon Analytics:

Insights with interactive analysis

Zoom in on the data and discover the waste in the transport chain

Onboarding online or on location

Learn how to use BigMile in a personal onboarding program

Multiple options to allocate your transport-related footprint:

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