Meet the Team

Meet our talented and energetic team players who take on the challenge to help realize our customer’s goals.

Who we are

Sven Poot of BigMile

Sven Poot

Business Development Consultant
Glenn Taylor van BigMile

Glenn Taylor


Jan Pronk

Managing Director BigMile
Bas Wolff van BigMile

Bas Wolff

Customer Success Manager
Johan Roelofsen of BigMile

Johan Roelofsen

Backend Lead

Marieke Lenstra

Global Marketing Manager

Marlous Kottenhagen

Data Engineer

Frank Bloo

Tech Lead

Michael Klaassen

Lead Front-end, BI Specialist

Dyon van Gaans


Noud Emonts

Data Engineer

Paula Scotto di Minico

Frontend developer

Auke Annema


Bob Renders

Marketing & Sales Support

Michael Lindemans

Full Stack Developer

John Walraven

Financial Controller

Board members

Vincent Kobesen

Board member

Nico Anten

Board member

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