Sustainably on the move for maintenance

The devices we use make our lives much easier. As a supplier, you want to prevent the inconvenience of failure and malfunctions as much as possible. Maintenance plays an important role in this. And when sustainability is part of your business, it is important to provide these services as sustainably as possible. With the help of BigMile you have the right insights in where to optimize your logistic processes.Curious about BigMile? Sign up for a free demo.

Effectively reducing your CO2 footprint

Many companies want to set measurable goals to meet the desired climate goals. However, reducing CO2 emissions requires significant measures. Insight into the logistical movements of your organization helps you to reduce your CO2 footprint as effectively as possible. BigMile visualizes your current and to be reduced emissions.

Sustainable logistics processes

Insight into the logistics side of your organization creates opportunities. BigMile is thé standard in reporting, allocating and optimizing your CO2 footprint. Our solution gives organizations insight into their logistics processes and transport movements so they can reduce their CO2 emissions as effectively as possible.

Data insight of your fleet

A sustainable fleet will have a big effect on the sustainability goals of your organization. However, a complete renewal of your fleet will take up a lot of your time (and money). BigMile gives you an idea of ​​the steps you are able to make right now. Moreover, it helps to provide insight into what certain measures, such as making your fleet more sustainable, will ultimately yield you.

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