Sustainable logistics

Prepare for the future and calculate your CO2 reduction with BigMile.

Sustainability in logistics

Now is the time to make sustainability part of your logistics. With the pressure that the new climate targets are giving us, the sector will have to become more sustainable. By organizing your transport as sustainably as possible, you work on achieving the climate goals. And by calculating your reduction the right way, you are able to comply to future laws and regulations. BigMile helps you with that. 

How can we reduce CO2 emissions?

Reducing our emissions is a major task, but it is one that we must bear together with our supply chain partners. Because by optimizing the chain, such as improving logistics planning and clear coordination of the load and unload times, you can succeed. It requires data to know where you can optimize within your supply chain. With the right data at hand, you can start a constructive conversation with your partners. 

Looking for sustainable logistics solutions with BigMile

Where can the largest emissions currently be found? And how do you figure out what is the most sustainable solutions for your logistics organization? These are all questions that you can get answered by using the BigMile platform. You create a logistics profile that suits your organization and you enter your data to calculate your CO2 footprint. BigMile gives you the right insights to further increase sustainability and gives you the opportunity to do validated reports.

BigMile works in accordance with:

The GLEC framework


DIN standard:
the EN 16258

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