Five questions to BigMiler Sven Poot

Sven Poot (27)

Joined BigMile as a Business Development Consultant in October 2020

What do you do at BigMile?

‘It is my responsibility to get new clients. I try to have one or two meetings every day and talk with potential clients about their requirements for CO2 calculating and reporting. I help them discover ways to reduce their carbon emissions. In a lot of cases, we do a proof of concept to show them what the solution looks like in their own environment with their own data. There are often concerns about not having the right or sufficient data, but I can reassure them if they are able to send an invoice, they can work with BigMile.’

What do you like about your work at BigMile?

‘I was working as a supply chain consultant at Districon when I first got acquainted with BigMile. At Districon I was helping logistics service providers obtaining a Lean & Green Star, a leading European program for sustainable logistics. At that time, I learned a lot about the BigMile platform. I really liked being the spider in the web, Achieving the Lean & Green Award was a joint effort with the customer. On top of that, it is related to supply chain and logistics, another interest of mine. So, when the opportunity came to work for BigMile, I chose to work in a role where I could represent the customer’s interest.’

How often do you go to the office and what is the first thing you do when you get there?

‘On average I am in the Maarssen office three times a week, when I am not visiting prospects on site. Recently I moved from the big city to a small rural town, so I am eager to see people and I like being there. When arriving at the office I greet everyone, get coffee, and usually ask my co-worker Bas if he can put on some nice music.’

If you had to teach someone else something, what would it be?

‘When I was eight years old, I received a copy of the Bosatlas, which has been the bestselling atlas in the Netherlands for years. I was fascinated by it, and I studied it for a long time. That is how I became particularly good at topography, so you can teach you about countries, their capital cities, and their climate. Another thing that I can teach you, is how to mow the lawn efficiently and mindful.’

What superpower would you like to have?

‘I would love to have a magic cape that makes you invisible! There are so many things you can do. You can help people in Ukraine, but also listen to what is being said in the White House or in board meetings of big corporates. Or you can play practical jokes on supply chain managers, like writing on their whiteboards that CO2 reporting is the number one priority. Seems awesome to me.’

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