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Topsector Logistiek

For all companies it is important to reduce their CO2 emissions. This is a direct consequence of the agreements made by the government within the Climate Agreement of Paris (2015). This starts with determining the CO2 emissions of logistics. Insight into the CO2 emissions of supply chains is becoming important for carriers and shippers. Because with this insight, emissions can be reduced and costs saved.

Topsector Logistics aims to ensure that all parties (both shippers and logistic service providers) in the logistic supply chain can calculate and determine the CO2 emissions of all activities in their logistics using a uniform method. Parties are able to easily gain a good insight into the CO2 ‘footprint’ of their logistics, and can determine where they are able to achieve certain reductions of their CO2 emissions.

There are various methods to calculate the CO2 footprint and calculate the most effective transport performance. This refers to the effective transport of the cargo relative to the input of energy. The BigMile tool helps to register, calculate, allocate and reduce CO2 emissions in an standardized way. Measuring makes it a lot easier to make your organization more sustainable. With the help of BigMile you gain insights into your logistic operations and you can improve your performance. Topsector Logistics presents BigMile as an example of how you can make this calculation in an effective way. The two parties are working together to optimize the calculations in order to keep them as up-to-date as possible, in line with the climate agreements that were made. For example, Topsector Logistiek uses the BigMile platform to perform Community Benchmarks. In these benchmarks efficiency within the transport chain is examined at sector level, with CO2 emissions being an important KPI. More then 100 different sectors will be anlysed in this way. Because the more detailed the input information in the field of cargo, origin, destination and fuel, the better the insight into the improvement potential.

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