BigMile partnership with Lean & Green

Lean & Green

Lean & Green is the leading CO2 reduction program in which both shippers and logistic service providers can participate. It originated and is further developed in The Netherlands where 250 companies participate in the program. Lean & Green aims to help participants continuously improve their logistic operation of the supply chains and, by doing so, reducing CO2 emissions. With results, over 700 kilotons in CO2 emission have been reduced in the Netherlands. The program recognizes CO2 improvements, which are measured annually, through the 5 Star Framework. The program has extended throughout Europe and is now enrolled into 13 other European countries.

CO2 reduction program Lean & Green and BigMile are joining forces to collectively work on further reducing the CO2 emissions in logistics. Participants in the Lean & Green program are able to use the BigMile solution ‘Carbon Footprint’ to report and allocate their CO2 footprint for the executed transports and shipments. The static report that their participants are able to roll out with the help of BigMile gives them the official report which is neccesarry to get an accountant declaration to earn one of the Lean & Green stars. This way they can qualify for recognition of their CO2 reducing measures.

By joining forces, the two parties are eager to help as many companies as possible to actively reduce their CO2 emissions. This way they are hoping to collectively ensure that all logistic companies will be ready for an emission-free future!

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