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Have you received Star recognition for your CO2 reduction measures through the Lean & Green program? You are  now able to take advantage of a temporary offer. With our special code you can schedule a free demo where we guide you through the insights you can get with your data through our interactive analysis ‘Carbon Analytics’.

About the demo

During the demo we will take you through the possibilities of the interactive BigMile solution. For example, together we check where you can find the most useful insights for your organization and how to quickly identify parts that can be improved. Schedule your demo with the button below and don’t forget to enter your unique code to activate this special offer.

What will these insights give you?

With the help of our interactive solution you can quickly visualize where the most CO2 emissions can be found within your supply chain. Does it depend on a certain route, with a specific customer, type of modality or perhaps the type of vehicles you use? This way you immediately know where the most CO2-reducing steps are to be made. But with our ‘Carbon Analytics’ solution you can also look at what the CO2 pricing of your transport would be and what it might bring you if you made certain adjustments.

BigMile partnership with Lean & Green

Lean & Green and BigMile

Lean & Green is the leading CO2 reduction program in which both shippers and companies active in logistics services can participate. BigMile and Lean & Green are working together to further reduce CO2 emissions within logistics. Participants in the Lean & Green program can use the BigMile solution ‘Carbon Footprint’ to report and allocate their CO2 footprint. This static report helps to validate the entered data. For example, Lean & Green participants can qualify for recognition of the CO2 saving measures they made.

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