BigMile’s emission management platform achieves ISO 14083 verification

First software vendor to implement the standard

BigMile is the first software vendor to become officially ISO 14083-verified. This verification confirms that BigMile calculates and reports CO2 emissions in a demonstrably reliable manner, fully in line with European legislation and environmental requirements.

In early 2023, new guidelines were launched to support the logistics sector on its journey to net zero emissions by helping companies to implement decarbonization strategies. ISO 14083 is the first universal accounting method for logistics-related emissions and replaces the previous European standard EN 16258.

The new standard makes it easier for companies and their logistics service providers to calculate the carbon emissions from transport-related activities. It is also a starting point for carbon footprint calculation software.

BigMile – together with a number of shippers, carriers and freight forwarders – participated in a pilot project by the Dutch Top Sector Logistics to explore how to implement the ISO 14083 standard. BigMile has now passed an impressive milestone by becoming the first software vendor to achieve ISO 14083 verification.

“BigMile aims to provide an accessible SaaS platform where you can transparently account for your transport emissions. Especially now that companies increasingly have to provide mandatory emissions reports, and auditors must verify their carbon emissions figures, it is even more important that the results of the calculations are reliable. This also needs to be something that every company can effortlessly tick off its to-do list,” comments Jan Pronk, Managing Director of BigMile.

Product Owner Bas Wolff adds: “BigMile makes the whole reporting process a lot easier. Our software provides step-by-step help with validating data and calculating and reporting emissions figures. The fact that we now have this ISO verification ensures that our users can publish their emissions figures with confidence.”

In addition, Wolff sees a growing need among both shippers and logistics service providers to be able to exchange emissions data with each other securely. “BigMile facilitates this with a user-friendly data sharing platform. Users of the platform have full control over which data they share when, and with whom.”

According to Wolff, the achievement of ISO 14083 verification is just another step towards BigMile making reliable emissions calculations and reporting accessible to everyone in the chain. “There will continue to be huge growth in the number of companies that need to calculate their transport emissions. At BigMile, we will further our efforts to make it as easy as possible for carriers and shippers to arrive at accurate emissions calculations. This includes expanding our services relating to the exchange of reliable and precise emissions data throughout the transport chain. This will allow companies to once again focus on what really matters: making the entire sector more sustainable,” he states.

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