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Lean & Green + BigMile


30 November 2022


9:00 CET






Workshop: CSRD + (Scope 3) Carbon reporting in logistics


With the Carbon Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) accepted by the European Parliament, carbon accounting is another step closer to daily business.

Already in 2025 over 50.000 companies in Europe will need to start reporting on their carbon emissions, including ‘Scope 3’ outsourced ‘transport of goods’. This will have an enormous effect on (carbon) data flows throughout the supply chain.

Carbon Accounting

A growing number of multinationals and other companies realize carbon accounting in logistics is rapidly becoming the new standard and in the near future will be mandatory. This may raise questions like:

  • What do we need to know about CSRD and what is the timeline?
  • What do we need to do to comply and where to start?
  • Do we have all the data we need to analyse our (logistical) carbon footprint and what if we don’t have all the data?
  • What benefits can carbon footprinting have for our company (and/or for our clients and customers)?
  • What is there to learn from other companies?

These and many more questions you might have we hope to answer during this workshop, a collaboration between BigMile and Lean & Green Europe with support from Jurre Anema, Impact Consultant with Sinzer – Grant Thornton Netherlands.


9:00 Opening
9:10 Workshop part I: Impact Consultant Jurre Anema (Grant Thornton) on CSRD
10:10 Workshop part II: Lean & Green Case study IPP International + How to get started
11.10 Workshop part III: BigMile Demo and cases based on CSRD building blocks
12.00 Questions and discussion
12:15 End of workshop

About the organizers

Lean & Green Europe is the leading carbon reduction program in Europe. The 500+ participating companies receive recognition for achieving there verified reduction goals. Annual measurement of carbon emissions in logistics and an action plan for reduction are at the core of the program. The program has a proven track record of enabling collaboration in logistics and guiding our partners towards a less wasteful and a more sustainable future.

BigMile is a tech company that offers solutions to optimize and report on multimodal transport-related carbon emissions. Their own SaaS platform and API integrations help implement the best ways to calculate, allocate and reduce carbon emissions. Making it easier for our customers to start measuring their carbon footprint as the basis for reducing emissions against the backdrop of the 2030 and 2050 targets.

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