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flexis and BigMile


16 February 2023







Webinar Reducing emissions through multi-modal transport


How to reduce the logistics carbon footprint through multi-modal transport?

EU laws and national regulations, but also consumers, investors and analysts are forcing companies to be more efficient in logistics and to demonstrate reduced CO2 emissions.

Short-term investments in e-mobility with new fleets are not always possible, especially since e-trucks are not readily available. Plus, challenges like driver shortages, range restrictions, fuel and energy costs are issues that force logistic providers to new solutions.

• How can transports be planned quickly and yet flexible so that CO2 savings are verifiable?

• How do you make optimal use of a multimodal transport network that maintains supply in both the short and long term?

• How can you more easily realize a modal shift when disruptions occur? And how do you keep a grip on your CO2 emissions in doing so?

In this webinar, flexis and BigMile take a closer look at realising a modal shift and show that network optimisations and sustainability often go hand in hand.

​​​​​​​About the organizers

flexis AG and BigMile are two software providers that create CO2 transparency and enable optimization of your transport decisions considering cost and your carbon footprint.

The accredited CO2 calculation of BigMile, combined with flexis’ experience in route and network optimization solutions, make your transport leaner & greener.

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