Structureel meten minimaliseert footprint

PostNL: systematic measurement minimises footprint

During the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), held on 5 June 2019 in The Hague, Mariëlle van Spronsen (PostNL) and Leon Simons (BigMile) talked about their collaborative approach to reducing PostNL’s CO2 emissions while, at the same time, strengthening its competitive position. It is an inspiring story.

Measuring the results of innovations

‘The world is facing a huge challenge’, begins Mariëlle. ‘PostNL genuinely wants to take responsibility and put the targets set out in the Paris Climate Agreement into practice. New goals have therefore been set in line with this ambition. We are working together with suppliers to make our transport cleaner, looking for new packaging solutions… But are we achieving our goals in this way? You will only find out for certain if you actually measure the results. BigMile is the perfect partner in this regard.’

Seeing what works

Leon picks up the baton from Mariëlle. ‘BigMile is a platform that brings together all innovations in the area of logistics. For PostNL this is generating fantastic results and it is also proving to be an excellent solution for other industries worldwide. It allows you to monitor your footprint, find out where you can do better, see what is working and identify how you can make a direct impact. We are measuring this progress at PostNL.
Producers, transporters, logistics services providers, retailers: they all have to deal with logistical innovations. These may be new forms of transport, for example, or new types of collaboration. With BigMile you can measure the impact of these innovations, helping you minimise your footprint and maximise your profit.’

Minimum footprint, maximum profit

‘BigMile is a proven technology used by companies such as PostNL, Cargill and Heineken. To really make a difference, however, we need you: people and companies who want to reduce their footprint and reduce it quickly. Innovators and strategic partners who will work together on groundbreaking solutions – solutions that will have a real impact. By sharing this knowledge, learning from one another and developing new innovations together, we can achieve our common goal – in environmental, social and financial terms. In other words, we can minimise footprints and maximise profits.’

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