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BigMile receives ISAE 3000 certification

BigMile, supplier of software for calculating and analyzing transport-related CO2 emissions, announces that it has obtained ISAE 3000 certification. This standard for security and other non-financial information demonstrates that BigMile’s internal management processes are actually carried out as described.

Companies are increasingly dependent on cloud solutions and the question arises whether the services of providers of this technology are demonstrably secure. Due to legislation and regulations, companies and institutions must meet more and more requirements. In addition, accountants more often require ISAE (International Standard On Assurance Engagements). Therefore it is important for software providers like BigMile to set up proper information processes.

‘We want to deliver quality and minimize risk for our customers,’ says Glenn Taylor, Chief Technology Officer at BigMile. ‘With the ISAE 3000 certification, we not only demonstrate that we have secure business processes and information security up to standard but also that we have implemented additional controls. We demonstrate that we calculate and allocate transport-related CO2 emissions correctly. The output is converted into financial reporting, so that auditors only have to check the input that goes through the system. That’s pretty unique for a carbon emission calculation platform.’

International standard

ISAE 3000, similar in several respects to SOC2 in the United States, is an internationally recognized standard. ‘BigMile has international growth ambitions, and by obtaining the ISAE 3000, BigMile is not only making a professionalization move, but now also has a report in hand to present to international partners,’ Taylor says.

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