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BigMile product name changes to better support the sustainable growth of companies

Our services have a new name! With this new name, we are able to offer current and new BigMile users better options which are suitable with their growth ambitions.

What has changed?

The functionalities of our services are basically the same. You can still use BigMile to create validated emission reports and perform in-depth analyzes. We have simply made it easier for our platform to grow with you by creating different variants for Profit Finder (now Carbon Analytics). From now on we offer Carbon Analytics Basic, Premium and Enterprise.

What’s the benefit?

We understand that every organization is different and therefore uses BigMile differently. A complex organization will make more use of all aspects of our platform and add more information. For those companies our Carbon Analytics Premium or Enterprise services will give you the opportunity to make good use of our platform. But if you do not operate in a complex supply chain environment and don’t have any subcontractors, our Carbon Analytics Basic variant will be sufficient.

Can I still calculate my CO2 footprint?

Of course our Carbon Footprint will also be available. This is mainly available for participants of the CO2 reduction program Lean & Green. With Carbon Footprint you do not have an interactive dashboard, but it gives you the opportunity to perform five analyzes every year. This will give you a static report and a proper validation of your entered data. However, it does require more research from the user himself, which is easy to do with guidance from a program such as Lean & Green.

Of course we want every BigMile user to be able to achieve amazing, sustainable results quickly. With in-depth insight into your data, you are simply able to perform sharper analyzes. We experience that users of BigMile who – regardless of any program – want to save on their CO2 emissions and costs are better off by using our interactive variant, Carbon Analytics. This way, our users will have optimal guidance and receive in-depth data insights, which helps them to achieve their sustainable goals quicker.

Curious to know more about our services and wish to receive some information about what we can do for your organization? Feel free to contact us at info@bigmile.eu.

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