BigMile now listed on HERE Marketplace

As of today, BigMile is available in HERE Marketplace, a secure and scalable marketplace enabling simplified exchange of location-based data. Developers who are using the HERE platform can now easily enrich their applications with CO2 emissions calculation and allocation for all modes of transport, by integrating the BigMile Emission API.

As an industry standard, with its API integration BigMile provides immediate access and insight into the multimodal, transport-related carbon footprint in the supply chain on an operational level. BigMile Emission API is a REST API that enriches business applications and platforms with resilient CO2 calculations to measure and report accurate and trusted values.

Developers using the HERE platform can now easily leverage their technology with functionality for automated calculations and allocations of transport-related carbon emissions in an accountable way using BigMile Emission API.

New use cases

In BigMile all modes of transports are covered (rail, road, sea, air, barge) and there are multiple options to allocate your transport-related footprint: specific shipments, customer, logistics service providers, subcontractors, period and region. Combining BigMile technology with applications such as Transport Management Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems or financial applications will create a good basis to implement new use cases for the end-users.

By integrating this functionality, your system can calculate CO2 emissions for every single shipment in the operational order flow. The outcomes can easily be used for commercial offering or putting the CO2 on an official transport document (eg. CMR) or for putting the actual CO2, calculated after realization of the transport, on the invoice. Of course, the calculations can also be used for reporting, BI and analyzing purposes.

On top of that, it enables developers to create new sustainability related use cases like emission-based trip optimization, consideration of CO2 pricing in transport offers, or together with telematics data (fuel consumption) a high accurate reporting on shipment level.

BigMile is SFC Accredited Partner according to the GLEC Framework and ISAE3000 certified which guarantees accountable results. So, integrating the BigMile Emission API makes it easy for developers to add new sustainable values to their existing solutions.

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