UTS chooses BigMile to report on carbon emissions

BigMile, supplier of software for calculating and analyzing transport-related CO2 emissions, announces that UTS has chosen BigMile. ‘To automate our carbon reporting, we were looking for a standardized solution that is well-known in the market,’ says Erwin Bouman, chairman of the board of UTS Netherlands.

Erwin Bouman

As a moving organization, logistics and facility services provider, UTS is committed to the future of new generations and the environment in which they live and work. ‘Corporate social responsibility is deeply rooted into our business operations. UTS Nederland started reducing carbon emissions from all its activities back in 2008,’ says Bouman. ‘Our carbon emissions have now dropped by 77 percent since we started proactively measuring, reducing, making more sustainable and compensating for them.’

To reduce carbon emissions in a structured way, UTS uses the CO2 Performance Ladder. Since August 2021, the company has held the CO2 Awareness Certificate at level 3, which covers emissions from its own organization. In order to gain insight into transport-related emissions and to be able to report on them, UTS is going to work with BigMile. Bouman: ‘Until recently we did this manually in Excel. This was a labour-intensive process which we had to go through every quarter. BigMile provides us continuous insights.’

Choice for BigMile

Important factors in choosing BigMile are, that it is a standardized solution and that emissions can be allocated on customer level. ‘We are impressed with the reporting capabilities and its ease of use. And because we already have experience with BigMile within City Logistics The Hague, the choice was quickly made,’ Bouman explains.

‘We are proud that UTS has chosen BigMile. We see that the moving industry increasingly takes its responsibility, even though the volumes are not that high compared to the numbers of logistics service providers,’ says Sven Poot, business development manager at BigMile. ‘That nonetheless it is a hot topic can be easily explained by the fact that sustainability is playing an increasing role in the procurement of services. In tenders, companies increasingly ask to report the CO2 emissions per transported unit. We are now also seeing this strongly reflected in the moving industry.’

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