TIMOCOM and BigMile cooperate for sustainability in logistics

TIMOCOM, a freight tech company from Germany, and BigMile have partnered up and are jointly driving decarbonization in logistics. As part of TIMOCOM’s value-added services, customers of the transportation platform now can purchase BigMile at exclusive conditions.

IT and data specialists support TIMOCOM’s customers across Europe with smart, secure, and simple applications as well as services to achieve their logistics goals. More than 50,000 verified customers network via TIMOCOM’s Smart Logistics System. Up to one million international freight and cargo space offers are posted here daily. TIMOCOM offers exclusive value-added services at special conditions to selected freight tech partners.

As more and more customers and clients demand CO2 calculation according to certain standards and norms, it has become a competitive advantage for freight forwarders to be able to provide information on carbon emissions. That is why TIMOCOM has partnered-up with BigMile.

With BigMile, freight forwarders can determine, analyze, and report on the transport-related carbon footprint in a certified manner, based on transport information, ideally enriched with information on fuel type and consumption.

Special offer

Thanks to TIMOCOM, that offers BigMile as a value-added service, selected freight tech partners can now save up to 20 percent using BigMile.

Visit the TIMOCOM value-added services page or book a consulting appointment with BigMile directly.

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