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Swinkels Family Brewers: spectaculair reduction in CO2 emissions and costs

The Swinkels family has been running its own family brewery for seven generations. Dozens of unique beer brands are produced at its six breweries, including well-known products such as Bavaria, Palm and Steenbrugge.

Ambition of cutting CO2 emissions

Swinkels Family Brewers employs around 1,500 people worldwide and its products are available to consumers in over 130 countries. Fred Hooft is responsible for Global Customer Logistics and is working to realise the company’s ambition of significantly cutting its CO2 emissions.

Insight into where savings can be made

“We have been calculating and allocating the CO₂ emissions of our transport for a number of years. As BigMile now gives us access to detailed CO2 emissions data, we know which parts of the chain still have scope for optimisation. The benefit of BigMile is that the dashboard showing the results of your measurements gives you greater control. You know exactly where there is room for improvement in terms of your CO₂ emissions. We can even analyse the last 400 kilometres inland from an African port – part of an extremely long supply chain. These analyses clearly reveal where there is potential for further reductions.”

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