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As announced earlier this year, software provider BigMile is developing a brand-new platform to empower all stakeholders in transport and logistics to accurately calculate, report and communicate their carbon emissions. “In this fast-changing world of emissions calculation and reporting, BigMile users will have a future-proof emissions platform at their disposal,” says Bas Wolff, product owner at BigMile.

It is becoming increasingly important for a growing number of organizations to have accurate insights into the carbon footprint associated with their daily operations. Against this backdrop, BigMile is working to create a future-proof emissions platform that will enable users to calculate, report and communicate their emissions. “We are incorporating reliability, scalability and connectivity into the backbone of the existing BigMile platform, allowing all cargo owners – including shippers – to accurately calculate, monitor and report transport emissions,” states Wolff.

Current users of the BigMile platform will be pleased to see the retention of functionalities like the Logistics Profile, input validation and dashboarding features. “Our data infrastructure is designed to store vast amounts of emissions data to help users create a historic emissions database. As a result, our calculation engine can handle complex emissions calculations across entire transport chains,” elaborates Wolff. He adds that the calculations are being tweaked to fully align with ISO 14083. “Besides that, we are implementing a new geocoder – powered by OpenCage – to pinpoint accurate worldwide coordinates for shipments.”

New to Logistics Profile will be the functionality to create so-called emissions cases to generate an even more accurate input fileThis single file can handle multiple, customized cases in line with fuel types and vehicle types supported by the BigMile platform and its underlying frameworks. Users will see their template change as more cases are created, which will also provide a good basis for reporting in accordance with ISO 14083,” Wolff states.

Primary data first

The introduction of bulk report support will significantly advance the reporting capabilities to the next level, enabling users to communicate with internal or external stakeholders at the desired level of granularity. Moreover, users can publish their results in a credible, ISO 14083-compliant report format.

Due to the recent publication of ISO 14083 and the upcoming Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, BigMile firmly believes that high-quality primary data will become essential. Wolff: “At BigMile, we already have a proven track record of connecting shippers and carriers through our data-sharing functionality. Our platform facilitates the exchange of data between trusted parties, both directly and indirectly. Furthermore, we are collaborating with institutions to create higher-quality average emission factors.”

BigMile is continuing to enhance this data-sharing functionality to help users create, manage and share emissions data. “We aim to facilitate entire transport chain networks to report high-quality and accountable data, reducing the dependence on assumptions that are often fuelled by inaccurate modelling solutions. This will allow users to focus on what’s truly important: taking action towards a greener future,” he concludes.

Stay tuned

Reflecting the company’s origins, BigMile will continue to focus on its core technology of calculating and reporting logistics-related carbon footprints. However, the company has also identified rising customer demand in the general emissions reporting context. Therefore, BigMile plans to enhance its service towards users by expanding its existing emissions calculation platform with related features such as NOx dashboards and a mobility solution (for business travel/commuting). Stay tuned for more information about this ‘work in progress’!

Discover the future of emissions management with BigMile. Request a demo or contact our sales team today to learn how our innovative platform helps you calculate and report your emissions.

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