H&S Logistic Services chooses BigMile for reliable CO2 insights

Logistics service provider H&S Logistic Services (part of the H&S Group) has chosen to work with BigMile. “As a 3PL and 4PL organization, we are right at the heart of the action. By looking beyond the supply chain, we can provide targeted advice regarding possible reductions in the carbon footprint,” says Bas Pilon, who is responsible for H&S Logistic Services.

H&S Logistic Services is a young and rapidly growing business unit within the H&S Group. As a 3PL and 4PL organization, H&S Logistic Services takes charge of physical liquid bulk transport by road, rail or water (as sea freight). The logistics provider also offers services for procurement, planning, execution, invoicing and data analysis to realize improvements in the supply chain.

“The aim of our services is to unburden our clients and optimize their logistics process. For example, we provide our customers with data on costs and delivery times, along with other management information. We also want to offer our customers sustainable and carbon-neutral logistics solutions. We therefore invest in new concepts and innovative services,” states Pilon. “These things come together in our partnership with BigMile. In addition to insight into costs and delivery times, we now offer insight into CO2 emissions.”

H&S Logistic Services will use BigMile Carbon Analytics to obtain reliable CO2 calculations. “As of 2023, a lot of our customers will have to report on their environmental and social impact and start paying CO2 taxes. Thanks to BigMile, we are prepared for this,” continues Pilon. “BigMile also offers the possibility of doing deeper analysis thanks to the interactive dashboard. This allows us to easily identify the most polluting lanes. We can then share this information with our clients and transporters to look for potential CO2 savings together.”

GLEC method

When asked about the choice for BigMile, Pilon explains: “We work for various multinationals, so we feel it’s important to collaborate with a party that is accredited according to the GLEC method. This is a globally recognized methodology for measuring greenhouse gas emissions from different transport modes.”

Sven Poot, Business Development Manager at BigMile, comments: “BigMile Carbon Analytics is primarily intended to gain reliable insights into transport-related emissions on a strategic and tactical level. It is a SaaS platform that collects and combines data from the daily activities of shippers and logistics service providers. Thanks to the graphical user interface, companies can monitor their footprint, spot potential areas for improvement, see what works and understand how to realize immediate impact. These tangible insights often form the basis for measures that can reduce the carbon footprint in the supply chain.”

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