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GS1 Germany and BigMile host three live webinars

GS1 Germany and BigMile host three live webinars

Logistics and transport companies strive to act more and more sustainably. On the one hand politically and socially motivated, on the other hand for reasons of economy, because the more resource-oriented and energy-efficient a company works, the more profitable it becomes.

However, the correct determination of the CO2 footprint and the identification of measures based on it are often seen as a major challenge.

Are you interested in reducing the logistics carbon footprint, but unsure where to start? In three German spoken webinars GS1 Germany and BigMile will guide you. 

In just a few steps to your carbon footprint: How the Lean and Green Initiative can support you

In these webinars GS1 will elaborate on the Lean and Green Initiative: how the initiative supports companies in their sustainability efforts and how participants can benefit from the Lean and Green Community.

In addition, BigMile will present its tool, which is available to Lean and Green participants to calculate the CO2 footprint and supports companies in reducing transport-related CO2 emissions.

At the end of the webinar you will know which steps you can take to quickly make your logistics and transport processes more sustainable with the Lean and Green Initiative and BigMile’s data analysis.

Thursday 16 December 2021 10AM CET – 11AM CET.


  • Oliver Püthe, Lead Industrie Engagement, GS1 Germany GmbH
  • Tobias Häßler, Managing Director from BigMile Germany GmbH


  • Basic knowledge on the subject of CO2 accounting
  • Presentation of the Lean and Green Initiative
  • Introduction and demonstration of the BigMile tool

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