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Finding your most efficient CO2 reducing measures with BigMile’s scenarios

Saving on your CO2 emission is a vital part of today’s business strategy. Because of rules and regulations which makes partners and clients ask for your CO2 reducing measures. Soon enough, your company will be looking for ways to significantly reduce your CO2 emission. At BigMile we developed a new feature that will help you find the most effective way to do so.

Changing the way you drive your route is a big commitment. Switching fuel type or modality will always be a big investment. So you obviously want to make sure that you are making the best choice, right? Using BigMile’s new ‘scenarios’ feature gives you great insights into the effect different measures have on your company.

Optimizing with scenario analyses

Scenario analyses is now live at BigMile! This new feature helps you to find out where you can decrease your carbon emissions. With scenarios you can insert different kind of ‘what ifs’ that help you create a scenario that works best for you. For instance, you might be considering changing the type of fuel for part of your fleet. With this feature you are able to insert a variety of fuel types that help you find the type that is most suitable for your company.

BigMile scenario opties

Switching modality and fuel types

Depending on the type of contract you have you will be able to perform different scenario analyses. For Carbon Analytics – Basic users, the efficiency scenario is now available. This offers you insights in the potential reduction you can create by switching to a more efficient vehicle or shipment. There are several variables you can use, like switching clients, transporter and/or your destination. BigMile scenarios shows you the CO2 reduction in kg and percentage.

Are you the proud owner of a Premium or Enterprise contract? Then you are in luck! Because at all Premium and Enterprise contracts we added the fuel and modality shift scenarios. This means you are, additionally to efficiency, also able to switch fuel types or change modality to see how much CO2 emission you can save. Is switching to electric vehicles worth it and what would making a shift to rail do for your CO2-emissions? Scenarios will bring you answers to those questions.

With BigMile we help you calculate, allocate and optimize your CO2 footprint. And our new feature gives you a clear view of what investments you can make to successfully decrease your carbon emissions. Because big decisions are always easier to make with the right insights. That is why at BigMile we are always finding ways to give you the insights you need to optimize your business.

Eager to use scenarios?

Are you also excited about the new feature, but a Carbon Analytics – Basic user? We can imagine this new feature might be something you are very much interested in. Feel free to ask us about an upgrade. Curious to know what BigMile can do for your company? Contact Sven Poot at for a free demo.

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