Samenwerken met Lean & Green voor het reduceren van de CO2-uitstoot

BigMile is working with Lean & Green in order to reduce CO2 emissions

CO2 reduction program Lean & Green and BigMile are joining forces to collectively work on further reducing the CO2 emissions in logistics. Even after BigMile was privatized last year, the two parties have found each other in their common goal in improving the CO2 footprint of organizations by creating insight.

Lean & Green is the leading CO2 reduction program in the Netherlands and is currently also active in 13 countries in Europe. The collaboration confirms the fact that BigMile is also seen as thé standard for CO2 footprint reporting and optimization with these types of organizations. For BigMile it is also an opportunity to further expand themselves within other European countries, which it is currently focused on.

CO2 footprint reporting and allocating

Over 200 users are already working in BigMile to provide insight into their CO2 footprint. This way they are working on gaining insights that helps them to apply the most effective CO2-reducing measures within their organisation. Participants in the Lean & Green program are able to use the BigMile solution “Carbon Footprint” to report and allocate their CO2 footprint. The static report that their participants are able to roll out with the help of BigMile gives them the possibility to easily validate their data. This way they can qualify for recognition of their CO2 reducing measures.

An emission-free transport sector

Calculating and reporting the achieved CO2 reduction is starting to increasingly play a prominent role in the logistics sector. Mainly due to the approaching climate goals and laws and regulations that will be linked to achieve those goals. There are even a few countries within Europe that have already introduced stricter rules when it comes to the emissions vehicles produce. For example, a lot of Dutch companies will have to make adjustments if they still want to be able to supply the zero-emission zones.

By joining forces, the two parties are eager to help as many companies as possible to actively reduce their CO2 emissions. This way they are hoping to collectively ensure that all logistic companies will be ready for an emission-free future!

Do you wish to do more with your data?
Validating your data is nice, but wouldn’t you also like to have in-depth insight into your data that makes you able to do razor-sharp analyzes? If that sounds great to you, our premium solutions “Carbon Analytics” might be an option for you. This interactive version helps you further zoom in to your data. This way you can identify and apply major reduction opportunities yourself. For more information, please contact us at

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