BigMile becomes a Smart Freight Centre (SFC) Accredited Partner

BigMile becomes a Smart Freight Centre (SFC) Accredited Partner

BigMile announces that it is accredited by Smart Freight Centre to provide calculations of greenhouse gas emissions for freight and logistics operations that are in methodological conformance with the Global Logistics Emissions Council Framework for Logistics Emissions Methodologies (GLEC Framework). This is a globally recognized methodology for measuring greenhouse gas emissions across different transportation modes.

Today, the transportation sector accounts for roughly 22 percent of total energy-related emissions which, depending on the source, makes up 14 to 16 percent of global emissions. To cut transportation emissions, companies need to measure them in all modes of transportation from trucking to air and waterways.

To help companies capture and visualize the emissions arising from their logistics supply chain, BigMile offers a software solution which is developed to calculate, allocate and report on carbon emissions. Methodologies on measuring carbon emissions vary and BigMile supports several frameworks. “We are proud to announce that we are now an SFC Accredited Partner”, says Glenn Taylor, Head of Technology at BigMile.

GLEC Framework

Established by Smart Freight Centre, the GLEC Framework is a globally recognized methodology for harmonized calculation and reporting of the logistics greenhouse gas emissions footprint across the multi-modal supply chain. It can be implemented by shippers, carriers, and logistics service providers.

“Improving standardization is urgently required. By choosing an SFC Accredited partner for the accounting and reporting, companies can be confident that the GLEC Framework methodology is correctly applied”, comments Moritz Tölke from Smart Freight Centre.

“We aim to help companies in the best possible way to reduce their transport-related carbon emissions. As a leading software company we feel committed to make calculations easy, reliable and comparable. The formal accreditation by Smart Freight Centre demonstrates not only that our calculation methodology is aligned with the GLEC Framework, but it also underlines that we care about the robustness and reliability of the calculation methods we offer in our solution’, says Taylor.

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