BF Global Group chooses BigMile

Carbon emissions reporting will be regular part of business operations

BF Global Group has chosen BigMile as its supplier of software for calculating, reporting and communicating transportation-related carbon emissions. “One day, carbon accounting will be as normal as financial accounting for all companies,” states Joost Janssen of BF Global Group.

As a control tower, BF Global Group offers a total concept: road transport (BF Global Logistics), air and sea freight (BF Global Freight+), and warehousing and distribution (BF Global Warehouse). Its clients are primarily active in higher-end fashion, high-tech, household goods and chemicals. The company has 65,000m² of storage capacity across its four facilities in the Dutch towns of Raamsdonksveer, Belfeld, Venlo and Enschede.

BF Global Group recently started mapping carbon emissions for its logistics services. “From a societal perspective, it’s necessary to systematically reduce greenhouse gas emissions – preferably as soon as possible – and particularly in our industry. Whether by water, air or road, transport has an impact on the environment,” comments Joost Janssen, Business Support & Implementation Manager at BF Global Group.

Part of the operation

Janssen predicts that carbon emissions reporting will eventually be just a regular part of business operations: “The source data will be appropriately captured from the operational activities and accurately processed into statistics that are used for decisions, reporting and analysis. Then the figures will be audited and approved by an accountant. That will become the norm.”

BF Global itself is not currently obliged to report its carbon emissions, but many of its clients soon will be. “We want to be ready for this and allow them to benefit from our approach. We’re doing that together with BigMile, which offers a proven system for monitoring the transport-related carbon footprint at client level,” he adds.

Data quality

“Supply chain collaboration is necessary to fundamentally reduce the transportation-related carbon footprint. Control towers need to gain access to data from their carriers, but that’s also challenging,” says Sven Poot, Business Development Manager at BigMile. “In my experience, BF Global Group is a hands-on company that doesn’t waste time waiting for the perfect moment to arise. And why should it? As other BigMile users are experiencing, data quality gradually improves over time. So it’s important to just get started – which is exactly what BF Global is doing,” he concludes.

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