Apployee visualizes the link between driver behaviour and carbon emissions using BigMile

Validated calculations of carbon savings resulting from sustainable driving

Apployee, a specialist in employee-related sustainability, has announced that it is integrating BigMile’s software. This will allow Apployee to produce validated calculations demonstrating that truck drivers’ vitality and behaviour behind the wheel have a significant impact on CO2 emissions.

The extreme labour shortage in the transport sector is coupled with growing pressure on truck drivers. They are often criticized for driving inefficiently or arriving late at destinations. Solution-oriented Apployee offers a targeted leadership programme based around motivation, driving behaviour, and health and safety. And by integrating the BigMile Emission API, it is now also adding sustainability.

As the basis for its coaching programme, Apployee uses a lot of data in combination with Organizational Behaviour Management (OBM). This proven method can achieve structural and lasting behavioural change to drive optimization in organizations. “If you can make driver behaviour accurately measurable, you as a manager can focus on behavioural change,” explains co-founder Dylan van Heugten.

It starts with analysing the driver’s behaviour in a real-life transport context. This should include consideration of factors such as the vehicle’s technical specs, the weight of the load, weather and road conditions, and the company culture. In addition, drivers can opt for to wear a smartwatch, enabling their vitality to be measured in real time. Van Heugten: “Whereas most solutions focus on onboard computer data only, we include all these other factors that influence driving behaviour. We then teach managers how to analyse the data and how to positively coach drivers to improve their driving behaviour.”

Better driving behaviour not only leads to lower costs and improved road safety, but also to fuel savings. “On average, we see an 8% carbon reduction among our customers. One customer involved in heavy-goods transport has even managed to save 14% and now plans to invest this profit into HVO100 fuel to achieve further carbon reductions. That was a key reason for us to want to produce validated CO2 calculations, which we can do by working with BigMile,” says Van Heugten.

Sven Poot, Business Development Manager at BigMile, is enthusiastic about Apployee’s integration of BigMile: “In volume terms, trucks carry 75% of Europe’s total freight and 85% of perishable, valuable and medical goods such as vaccines and food. Truck drivers are therefore essential to our economy, but they are under considerable pressure. At Apployee, they are actively committed to improving their employment situation. And as an added bonus, their solutions also reduce carbon emissions. Thanks to the ISO 14083 verification, BigMile can calculate and report CO2 emissions in a demonstrably reliable manner, fully in line with European legislation and environmental requirements.”

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