Air Cargo Netherlands and BigMile are joining forces to reduce carbon emissions from air freight

Air Cargo Netherlands (ACN), the trade association for the air freight industry in the Netherlands, and software supplier BigMile will work together to support ACN members in reducing their CO2 emissions. “The goal is not only to create awareness, but also to jointly mobilize our members for concrete carbon reduction measures,” says ACN director Maarten van As.

The business community faces the challenge of becoming more sustainable in the coming years. For example, CO2 emissions must be reduced by 30% by 2030, with the ultimate goal of achieving climate-neutral transport chains by 2050. This target also applies to the aviation sector, which is responsible for 2% of all CO2 emissions worldwide.

“Whereas aviation used to be seen as a symbol of progress and modernity, its impact on the environment and quality of life for local communities has also become an important part of the discussion nowadays. Therefore, the air freight industry will have to shoulder its responsibility and show commitment to reducing the carbon footprint,” says Maarten van As, who as director of ACN represents the interests of the air freight sector.

That’s why trade association ACN joined approximately 20 leading transport organizations and knowledge institutions in signing the Netherlands’ Smart and Sustainable Sustainability Plan in 2018. The aim of this joint action plan is to reduce aviation-related CO2 emissions in the Netherlands back to 2005 levels by 2030.

ACN wants to offer a platform where parties can gain knowledge and subsequently share that knowledge to learn from each other. Van As: “We believe it’s important that air freight businesses have access to the right information and receive support to improve the sustainability of their logistics processes.”

To help its members gain insight into their CO2 emissions in the air freight chain, ACN has entered into a partnership with BigMile. Initially, the partnership will mainly be beneficial for air freight forwarders and transporters, who can now use BigMile’s CO2 software at a discount. This SaaS platform for calculating, reporting and communicating carbon emissions not only gives users insight into the CO2 emissions from their own transport logistics activities, but also into those of supply chain partners.

“With its accessible and easy-to-use calculation and reporting platform, BigMile offers users detailed insights to help them identify the most effective ways of reducing carbon emissions. This innovative approach fits seamlessly with ACN’s sustainability goals for the air freight chain,” Van As explains. “Therefore, we regard BigMile as a valuable collaborative partner, and its tool adds value for businesses of all sizes – from large companies to SMEs.”

Jan Pronk, Managing Director of BigMile, adds: “Many companies in the air freight sector will soon be required to report their carbon emissions, if they are not already. They can use BigMile to comply with that obligation. Using our platform, they can easily and securely share carbon data in the chain and report on it. In addition, the results of the calculations provide insights that they can use to reduce first-mile and last-mile carbon emissions.”

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