BigMile announces new partnership with NxtPort International

BigMile is pleased to announce a new partnership with NxtPort International, an open data platform in which local application developers can develop their logistic solutions. This collaboration will combine NxtPort’s expertise in secure data exchange between supply chain partners with BigMile’s innovative Emission API. “We are excited to work with BigMile to drive sustainability in global supply chains and provide value to our clients through this partnership,” says NxtPort’s Alexander Dorhout Mees.

The main goal of NxtPort International is to unlock the potential of sharing existing data to improve port operations. The NxtPort platform makes it possible for ports, terminals, ship owners and managers to securely access and combine data sources across multiple supply chains, encouraging data sharing and collaboration between like-minded organizations. “Thanks to BigMile, information about carbon emissions can now be added,” comments Alexander Dorhout Mees, Chief Commercial Officer at NxtPort International.

Now that BigMile’s Emission API is being made available on NxtPort’s digital marketplace, it will become even easier for platform users to access and benefit from this valuable resource. “This will support faster, more cost-effective and more efficient transfers of carbon emissions-related data between different players. It will also allow for more transparency about transport-related carbon emissions in the whole shipping process,” continues Dorhout Mees.

“Following the European Parliament’s recent approval of the Carbon Sustainability Reporting Directive, around 50,000 European companies must report on their carbon emissions, including Scope 3 emissions which also cover those caused by outsourced goods transport,” states Jan Pronk, Managing Director of BigMile. “The BigMile Emission API provides instant CO2 calculations for any shipment using any mode of transport: rail, road, sea, air or inland shipping. By integrating this API, users of the NxtPort platform can provide themselves and their customers with valuable insights into the transport-related carbon footprint and identify opportunities for further improvement.”

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