Calculating your carbon footprint

More and more transport companies want to be able to calculate and allocate the CO2 emissions of their transport per customer. It is also necessary to check whether you are in line with the climate objectives and future regulations and legislation, whereby you must demonstrate that your company is reducing its CO2 footprint every year. BigMile is the standard when it comes to calculating your CO2 footprint.

What is my CO2 emission per client?

The market is demanding a calculation and specification of your CO2-emissions per customer. Partly because of the sustainable development goals, but also because clients are asking for it. Do you wish to improve your position in the logistics market? Make calculating the CO2 footprint part of your business.

Reducing the CO2 emissions

In 2021, the European Commission presented the European Green Deal. The measures that will be taken according to this Green Deal will have a big effect on logistics. The sector is expected to bring the CO2 emissions down and to prove your efforts it is wise to be able show your reductions. BigMile can help you calculate ánd even allocate the reductions.

Optimizing transport, reducing costs

Logistic companies nowadays are all about data. Optimizing your data helps you to understand where improvements can be made. Whether you are improving your routes or changing modality in order to reduce your emissions, the right insights are key in making those changes. And above all: efficient transport results in a reduction in costs!

BigMile works in accordance with the EN 16258

This is the European Standard establishes to create a common methodology for the calculation and declaration of energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions related to any transport service (of freight, passengers or both).


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