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Every mile with a small footprint is a big mile

Inland shipping as an option to reduce the footprint of your transport chain

With the advent of new European environmental legislation, businesses must demonstrably reduce their emissions. In particular, the introduction of the carbon tax will provide a financial stimulus to minimize the footprint of your entire transport chain. Many years of data analysis have shown that a partial modal shift to inland shipping can offer a solution. Marius Hakkesteegt, Business Developer Apps & Digitalization at Aspect ICT, explains more, including about the option for a phased transition to inland shipping. Author:…

Finding ways to reduce your carbon emissions

BigMile makes it easy for you to get started on improving your own carbon footprint as well as that from others. BigMile’s interactive SaaS platform provides accurate insight into your CO2 emissions so that this can also be a factor when choosing transport, in addition to cost and delivery time.

You can also identify the areas that are highly polluting and use this information to help your partners – e.g. customers and carriers – to make improvements.

Working with BigMile, it will become increasingly clear that sustainability and efficiency go hand in hand.



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